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Think Graduate Schemes can't be measured? Find out how it is done.

Good Graduate schemes are important and they are expensive to run.  They are important as they are a major source of talent for critical roles and a pipeline for future leaders.  They are expensive as they involve creating a specific employee experience which is more than just a role.

They are also risky, as today’s best millennial talent is quicker than ever to move on to the next opportunity if they are not happy.

How many CEOs run the company they started at?

With the news that Mary Barra, the new CEO of GM has spent all her career at GM it is interesting to see how many UK CEOs run the compay they started their career at. More than potentially you would think!

Measuring a scheme

Producing useful and powerful measures of a graduate scheme is an important part of the job. Without a measure it is hard to move ahead and make strong business decisions.

We love measurement. When it comes to grad schemes we believe having a measurement process in place is essential to help you to identify any issues early, to justify the expenditure and to work out where to put your effort.


It is easy to assume that new graduates are engaged with the organisation when they start. In particular line managers think this, after all the grads are the chosen few.

However, the reality is that most graduates are working out if they like their job and if they like your company. They are still at the satege of trying you out.