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How many CEOs run the company they started at?

With the news that Mary Barra, the new CEO of GM has spent all her career at GM it is interesting to see how many UK CEOs run the compay they started their career at. More than potentially you would think!

10 reasons why this is the best time to become a graduate?

With all the gloom laden talk you hear about the challenges of student employment and getting a job out of uni we thought it was worth putting some thought into the brighter side of being a graduate today.

In our view there has never been a better time to start out in a career for at least the following reasons

  1. Technology is spurring creativity and opening new opportunities for everyone to do more amazing things
  2. More interesting jobs than ever before as most of the admin and routine work has been automated out

Why there are no short cuts to Sustainable success

Whilst designing an induction for some new grads it got me thinking about two of the great business stories of the last decade - the rise of Apple to be the most valuable company in the world and the fall of the Banks. And the challenge of getting a group of bright new grads, just starting work to understand that there are no short cuts to Sustainable success.

Advanced Skills Academies

We recognise that some clients are looking for training programmes rather than development journeys. To serve this need we have developed a series of Advanced Skills Academies which take a core area of learning, and takes it to the next level.

All of these courses expect the delegates to have sufficient experience to arrive with prepared real life issues

The areas we cover are

Advanced Presentation skills