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Some real world tips for what you really need to know when you start as a graduate

1000's of people have just started work as graduate trainees in organisations around the land

Based on real experience here are some selected pearls of wisdom for today's new grads as they start work

Why apprenticeships will not solve the real Youth Employment issue.

I am working in an office which has just taken on two apprentices.  They appear bright, capable and charming.  Not the stereotypical mono syllabic non communicators with no work ethic that you hear about.

The problem is what do they do?  They have done the first set of tasks, that little set of not important non urgent nice to have tasks that every office has.  Now what?  What are they actually going to do?

This sparks for me the really big issue of where are the entry level jobs in a service based, white collar economy?  And it makes me think that this is maybe what is really at the heart of the current malaise of youth unemployment

5 challenges to learning at work and how to overcome them

A follow on from the Top 10 strategies for learning at work this article looks at the challenges that we find people have

Ten things to know about how to learn at work

All people want to grow. From the recently promoted CEO who needs to change their style and learn new ways of getting things done to the new grad who wants to succeed fast. And to grow involves learning. It is in the context of work that most of our learning as adults takes place.
So it is worth looking at the 10 key aspects we know about how to make learning work

Tie your learning to real results that you can impact and measure the value of. It adds motivation

Our Thinking

Designing Programmes
We are pleased to be working with lots of great and innovative organisations. This has allowed us to develop a comprehensive body of thought on what it takes to make a successful graduate scheme.

Our not too surprising first outcome is that there is not a common answer to what a great scheme is. What works for a large multinational investment bank is unlikely to work for a small UK retailer and so on. The context of the organisation is the dominant factor.

The Naked Graduate Induction

Induction is important. We developed the Naked Graduate programme as a way to create relevant impact at this stage. The core themes of the prgramme are

  • Get ready for a major transition
  • Get ready to learn in a new way
  • Get ready to build new types of relationship