Training programme

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Can we make an Ethical grad

The topic of ethics is becoming more and more important for businesses, politicians and people.
The fall out of the Financial crash has left people feeling let down and questioning the basic building blocks of the capitalist system. Even if the bankers did not break the law – did they act ethically. It certainly does not feel like it.

Advanced Skills Academies

We recognise that some clients are looking for training programmes rather than development journeys. To serve this need we have developed a series of Advanced Skills Academies which take a core area of learning, and takes it to the next level.

All of these courses expect the delegates to have sufficient experience to arrive with prepared real life issues

The areas we cover are

Advanced Presentation skills

The Naked Graduate Induction

Induction is important. We developed the Naked Graduate programme as a way to create relevant impact at this stage. The core themes of the prgramme are

  • Get ready for a major transition
  • Get ready to learn in a new way
  • Get ready to build new types of relationship

The Fusion Foundry

Our flagship programme which has been honed over the last 8 years of working with high performing grads. It is a learning journey which both supports and challenges graduates to define and fulfil their potential. By blending self awareness, skills and behavioural development and with is mix of learning support, it delivers performance impact.

Underpinning the programme is a model of graduate performance and a model of graduate learning.
Three major components

  • Four 1 day skills and behavioural development days
  • Two one-to-one support sessions