It is easy to assume that new graduates are engaged with the organisation when they start. In particular line managers think this, after all the grads are the chosen few.

However, the reality is that most graduates are working out if they like their job and if they like your company. They are still at the satege of trying you out.

In our view it is important that you measure the engagement of your grads on a regular basis, monthly or six weekly. The typical annual company engagement survey is useful as a track of the general situation of grads throughout the organisation. For your new starters you need to do something more frequently to get data you can use.

We can provide you with an online engagement survey to meet your needs. We believe in keeping it simple. Five questions max which are easy to answer from a PC or their phone. With this you can track the grads' engagement cycle which allows you to identify when interventions are most needed and if there are specific areas you need to focus on.