The Naked Graduate Induction

Induction is important. We developed the Naked Graduate programme as a way to create relevant impact at this stage. The core themes of the prgramme are

  • Get ready for a major transition
  • Get ready to learn in a new way
  • Get ready to build new types of relationship

To achieve this we use a mix of impro techniques and accelerated learning. They work because they are fun, they challenge people to behave in a different way and they allow us to explore the big themes around learning. Crucially the graduates do not yet have a bnk of expereinces to work with so, to succeed, we need to generate them in the moment.

The Naked gradaute can be between a two day event down to two hours. It works for groups of 5 up to 500 It is supported by handouts and follow up materials.

Tp find out more and how we can help you, get in touch.