Can we make an Ethical grad

The topic of ethics is becoming more and more important for businesses, politicians and people.
The fall out of the Financial crash has left people feeling let down and questioning the basic building blocks of the capitalist system. Even if the bankers did not break the law – did they act ethically. It certainly does not feel like it.
The response of regulators and law makers has been to create more laws, more rules and attempt to create more control. Most of us instinctively know this will not work. The world is too complex to regulate with black and white rules. There is too much firepower available to people to bend the rules or find the loopholes. More rules seems to really mean more £ to the lawyers. Not what we want.
Recently I have been working with Professor Roger Steer from Cass Business School on his Eticability programme which has been a fantastic learning experience at a personal level and has given me a great tool kit to work with to help others.
Bringing ethical skills into the graduate population and giving them the tools to take control of how they make their choices is a no brainer.
We are now bringing this Ethical Training into our Graduate Works Programmes To see Roger talking follow this link