A check list for taking on a Graduate

Following on from the article on how to tell if a graduate is on track,  this is a second checklist of what needs to be in place from the organisation's side.  What are the structures and processes needed for managers to ensure a graduate can succeed.  The items are broken into three sections.  Interestingly, all 16 items are in the must have not nice to have category  Roles and responsibilities

  • An identified Line manager to manage the day to day
  • An identified Mentor manager to offer a broader perspective
  • A clear idea of the tasks, roles, skills and journey for the graduates first years
  • A very clear first 6 weeks that builds business understanding and confidence in getting things done
  • A target job at the end of the scheme that matches the business goals
  • Access to suitable and effective professional training

 Key actions for the managers

  • Involvement in assessment centres
  • Involvement in graduate performance reviews
  • Weekly / bi weekly 1 to 1s with the line manager to focus on task and deliverables
  • Monthly mentor manager 1 to 1s to work on direction and the bigger picture
  • Input and speakers for graduate events – in person and virtual
  • Feedback back into the recruitment system

  Attitudes of managers

  • A willingness to invest in someone who may end up somewhere else in the business
  • A willingness to take accountability for sorting out what happens when a line manager or mentor manager moves on
  • A desire to learn from and with the graduate