About Us

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Graduate Works is run by Rupert Angel and Will Jodrell. Both of us are passionate about the issues of developing early talent, helping clients and having some fun along the way.

We set up the business to answer a need we had seen through our own personal journeys as line managers. Simply we wanted to improve the quality of options available to managers for graduate development. That was 2002, and though we have seen some great improvements we still see that there is lots we can help with.

Our journey
The development of Grad works is an evolving journey where we continually build on what we learn. Our journey started in helping companies to see the value of a programme and a learning journey as opposed to one off events. We then worked to inject a larger dose of personal development, self awareness and self direction into the content to add to the existing skills development work.
Our most recent evolution has taken us from a focus on delivering better training and support for personal development to a broader emphasis on scheme design, measurement and delivery. In other words how can we better support the people who manage schemes.

To watch a short video about our work with Advantage West Midlands in the Stoke area please click below

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